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Discover wellbeing for 21st century living inspired by ancient healing arts

Inner Harmoni

Here for your on-site Holistic Health & Stress Relief Solutions

We bring years of experience and expertise together to help you to balance, restore and revive your mind and body.

Inner Harmoni brings you "Beyond the treatment room" on site holistic health stress relief solutions

Our series of Reiki courses, talks, workshops and treatments are tailored to your requirements.
It’s all about wellness and helping you reduce and manage the ever increasing negative effects of daily stress on our mind, emotions and body.

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Our hectic modern lifestyles have contributed to rising stress levels and stress-related illness, physical and emotional. Often our bodies give us warning signs to stop, relax, and recharge but these signs are ignored. The mind, emotions and body connection is amazing – designed to serve us restoring inner calm and promoting self healing  given the right conditions. It is this connection that is the centre of our philosophy.

quote - inner harmoni STRESS is ...

perceived in the mind suffered in the human spirit experienced via the emotions expressed in our behaviour and held in the body”… Anon

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Whether you are looking for solutions to help reduce the effects of too much stress, increase inner calm and relaxation, balance your energy levels, restore your body’s natural healing ability, or cope with increasing life pressures with a clear calm mind.

We work with individuals , groups, businesses and corporate clients.