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Margaret worked with us at the Waldegrave Clinic in Teddington, South West London for many years. She is very well regarded and outstanding in her delivery of treatment and care. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Tom Greenway – Waldegrave Clinic – Teddington


My husband and I have regular fortnightly treatment with Margaret from which we have greatly benefited. Despite being in his late seventies and having had arthritis in his neck and feet for several years, my husband has retained his full 6ft 3 inches and is completely straight. His back problems have largely disappeared. For my part, my energy, balance and general health have improved significantly. I cannot but recommend both the massage and the reiki as a great help in staving off the ravages of aging. I have continued full-time work well into my seventies because of the very successful treatment.
Sheila – Chiswick


I have always enjoyed massages, but until I met Margaret I then learned about how one should really benefit from a massage, not go for a massage to feel pampered. To benefit from a massage is exactly what you get from Margaret.
Pat – JB Communications – Hammersmith


 Stress is a major factor in many lives and having Margaret in on a regular basis has been very beneficial to all staff at J B Communications through her knowledge of the anatomy and holistic approach. She has a gentle and caring manner to all. Our staff are always looking forward to her visit and always come out of their session very relaxed and saying how wonderful she is.
JB Communications – Hammersmith


 I have been seeing Margaret for about ten years for a monthly deep tissue/therapeutic massage. Margaret has incredible massage skills; she has kept me physically and emotionally well throughout the time I have seen her using both massage skills and Reiki healing as part of her regular treatments. She is a Reiki master and I completed one of Margaret’s Reiki courses. I have used Reiki on myself and others a lot to help relaxation and sleep. Margaret looked after me through two pregnancies (with large babies!) and made sure I avoided back problems both during and after my pregnancies. I even convinced my husband (who was very resistant to the idea of massage as a health benefit) to go and see her after straining his back and he now sees her monthly as well and has done for about 18 months. It is not only that Margaret is an extremely strong, capable masseuse with an excellent technique she is also a warm, caring, kind, trustworthy and spiritual person who is a joy to know. Going to see her is part of my life. I couldn’t imagine not going and my body certainly couldn’t do without my monthly treatment.
Lydia – Chiswick