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Inner Harmoni offer an exciting and extensive range of holistic health treatments designed to help improve your wellbeing.

Massage can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid – Hippocrates the father of medicine

Could help with treating:
Neck and shoulder tension and pain.
Mental and physical fatigue.
Repetitive strain injury.
Headache and poor circulation.
Muscular tension.

All treatments are therapeutic,
intuitive and focused on your specific
needs. Includes:

Health assessment.
Stress assessment.
Aftercare advice.

Reiki Treatment
This calming treatment is carried out through clothes – with gentle laying on of hands in a series of positions from head to feet over the seven main Chakras – to release blocked energy, and restores balance and inner calm. 60min
Benefits of this treatment:
Release emotional and energetic blockages.
Balance body and mind.
Improve energy flow.
Balance emotions.
Therapeutic massage
This treatment combines deep tissue and pressure point techniques to release tightness and tension in large muscle groups – Reiki is used to release emotional tension and promote relaxation. 90 min
Benefits of this treatment:
Relieve muscular tightness and tension.
Energising and grounding.
Reduce muscular pain.
Balance energy and emotions.
Aromatherapy top-to toe
This calming treatment combines all the benefits of pure essential oils blended to your individual needs and applied using light pressure massage techniques and lymph drainage includes a mini facial. 90 min
Benefits of this treatment:
Head to toe relaxation and calm.
Total stress relief.
Computer Users Back Reviver
Designed with computer users in mind – spending long hours on your computer, laptop and mobile devices – tension and tightness build up in the major muscle groups in your back neck shoulders arms and hands – a combination of specialised massage techniques and stretches are used to release tightness and discomfort and pain in these muscle groups. 60min
Benefits of this treatment:
Releases tension and stiffness.
Increases relaxation and energy.
Reduce pain in upper and lower back.

DISCLAIMER Inner Harmoni

The information presented in this website is educational in nature and provides general information only. Inner Harmoni services come under the modality of Complementary Medicine. Our services do not replace medical treatments.
If you are unwell please consult your medical doctor.

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our service.

When you meet the therapist you will fill out the following forms: Health Assessment and Consent Forms

Treatments: You will be required to fill in a detailed health assessment form and sign a consent form before having a treatment with Inner Harmoni.